punk fashion wild leopard head print young girls harem pant + tshirt

       Digital printing is main and popular trend, its color is a bit far look distinct and three-dimensional, Digital printing not fade does not split, with cloth complete be in harmony is an organic whole, belong to fixed position printing, of every dressDesign is in almost a position, special a when individualize, similar amount printing breaths out collocation of human relations pants, street grabs eye dress absolutely.
       Fabrics is healthy cloth, stretch and medium, use the Ha Lun that make pants edition very good, because fabrics whole is smooth
Whole, drop the gender is medium, can conceal all sorts of small figure defect, recreational and easy.
 [recommend strength] : five stars
[  Fabric ]    cotton + spandex
[Package]   1x harem pant




Front Rise
one size   90
1. length unit to is centimeter (Cm) , weight unit is a gram (G) .
2.  manual measurement  with the error is in 2-3cm. weight error is in 10-30g.
Trousers length: Suture is measured outside the edge, arrive from chatelaine upside the length of the bottom of a trouser leg. 
Waistline: Surround the waist measure of income of the finest a week handling a volume. 
Hip circumference: Lumbar head downward 18~20 centimeter is in the distance between two side to multiply with 2. 
Thigh circumference: Trousers thigh circumference points to next archives downward a inch (2.54 centimeters) be in trouser surround degree. 
Crus surrounds: Whole trousers is 50% discount two side are apart from again 50% discount crus position point-blank by with 2. 
The bottom of a trouser leg surrounds: Linear numerical value takes the bottom of a trouser leg with 2.
Archives grows before: In front from chatelaine upside, line of the center before the edge arrives the length of vertical cleat. 
Archives grows after: From the back from chatelaine upside, line of the center before the edge arrives the length of vertical cleat.