wild animal tiger print punk women young girl's t-shirts + trousers


    T stage takes beautiful money this year, digital printing is main and popular trend, its color is a bit far look distinct and three-dimensional,
 Digital printing not fade does not split, with cloth complete be in harmony is an organic whole, belong to fixed position printing, every dress
 Design is in almost a position, special a when individualize, printing of the number that be the same as a paragraph breaths out collocation of human relations pants,
 Street grabs an eye to wear absolutely.
       One-sided makings uses cleanse cotton blending before, one-sided makings uses glacial silk after, summer is worn cool breathe freely.
[  Fabric ]    cotton + spandex
[Package]   1x t-shirt


Sleeve length
Neck width
Hang a shoulder
Front neck depth
All pile up
1. length unit to is centimeter (Cm) , weight unit is a gram (G) .
2.  manual measurement  with the error is in 2-3cm. weight error is in 10-30g.
Body length: The shoulder is very horizontal the linear distance to lap, if the dress is arc lap, measure position of the longest spot.
Bust: Both sides is alar one centimeter is in linear numerical value to multiply with 2.
Sleeve length: The humeral suture linear distance to cuff.
Shoulder breadth: The linear distance of suture of two side shoulder.
Neck width: The linear distance of acme of two side shoulder.
Hang a shoulder: Humeral suture arrives alar linear distance.
Before neck depth: The shoulder is very horizontal the linear distance of nadir of the wind before coming.
Lap surrounds: Tile spreads out lap linear distance multiplies two side nadir with 2.