Chemo Rate nitrile examination glove Cranberry REVOSOFT CT production FOB Malaysia

Cranberry Evolve 300 CT OGT USA  ready stock in USA LA  production chemo rate nitrile gloves

if you have Cranerry or othe glove OTG in USA or Europe,we can help to sell,

if you have any sercious order please contact us

WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18620787780


  1. if you have OTG gloves in US or Europe ,we can help to sell   please contact us, WhatsApp/Wechat: +86 18620787780
  2. if you need the gloves in stock, click Ready Stock Gloves
  3. if you need glove production line or want to build glove factory  click  Gloves Machines

 Cranberry REVOSOFT

2 million box per month X 12 months
USD 20.50/box

1. Loi with KYC 
2. Sco to buyer
3. Icpo and spa
4. Issues 100% LC
5. Start inspection
6. SGS 
7. Every shipment    payment 100% TT or LC
8. FOB Port klang Malaysia